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Site Inspection & Audit Report

There are many reasons for undertaking a Site Inspection including Health & Safety Audits, Environmental & Waste Management Audits, Project Progress or other quality or compliance reasons.

A bespoke Site Inspection template and report output can be tailored to your specific needs to capture information efficiently during routine inspections of commercial and residential properties.

Flexible configuration and input mean it can be used to record compliance against a check list of criteria, capture condition information, priority issues etc, complete with photos for any area of a building or site with the ability to highlight or summarise priority issues.

Using a pre-prepared structured template on your mobile device, makes it quick and easy to capture the relevant information and ensure consistent data capture and output from each inspection.

The powerful cloning (copying) functions in GoReport make it easy to take a copy of previous reports when visiting site for the next inspection, then simply update the information from your last visit, saving a considerable time and effort.

GoReport’s multi output capability allows published reports to be either a simple one-page ‘flash summary’ or more detailed report to suit your requirements.

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