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RICS Home Survey - Level 1

As a founding member of the RICS Tech Affiliate scheme and now an RICS Tech Partner, GoReport have been licenced to provide the previous Home Survey suite of templates for many years but with the additional benefits of harnessing the efficiencies of digital data capture and report creation.

Mobile data capture and automated reporting can simplify the survey process by improving the quality of data collection, achieving consistent outputs and save a considerable amount of time writing up and formatting reports, allowing surveyors to focus on surveying and inspecting the property. The GoReport RICS Home Survey – Level 1 solution streamlines and simplifies the surveying and reporting process for residential surveyors undertaking a RICS Home Survey – Level 1. The resultant report is intended to help homebuyers gain an objective view of the condition of the property, by describing the elements of the building complete with the surveyor’s assessment and supporting detail about the condition.

With GoReport, our efficient digital data collection is further supplemented by our unique response management tool which enables our clients to manage and use personalised and standard phrases, promoting consistency whilst enabling the surveyor’s expertise to be clearly evidenced in our RICS approved report outputs.

Using the pre-built RICS Home Survey – Level 1 template, you capture all the required information on your iPad or iPhone, using the powerful range of tools including dictation, free text entry, standard phrases library, even hand-writing recognition for those who prefer to write. Every observation can include photos with annotation, as well as notes for the surveyor to record their thinking and support findings. And as you would expect, the RICS Condition Ratings are pre-built into the software, ready for you to select and assign to the elements in your survey.

Once you have completed your site survey, upload to the secure GoReport Web Portal for final reflection, edit and review before publishing to a fully formatted RICS Home Survey Standard output, ready to be distributed to your client.

The GoReport RICS Home Survey – Level 1 is provided as a pre-built Template under licence from the RICS.

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