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Fire Defects Survey

The GoReport Fire Defect Survey solution allows users to easily capture data on site and produce an accessible report detailing fire defects and risk areas for properties. The survey will highlight the current condition, typical repairs and required resolution of an item in the property that is potential hazardous in the event of a fire.

Our mobile app means you can now quickly capture all relevant survey data describing the visible defects and potential problems on your iPad. Instantly add comments to photographs or sketches to highlight defects or areas of concern, for example you have the functionality to sketch a rough floor plan and highlight an area where a fire extinguisher is not properly installed. It uses a simple and easy to use combination of standard and custom phrases, voice to text, automated dictation and pick lists.  Disruption while you are on-site is minimised as you can move through the property efficiently while still being able to capture all the details that you are there to record.

Report outputs will include photographs taken on site and advise on typical instances of non-compliance and areas of any special consideration. Schedule of fire defects are itemised and numerically coded to the marked-up drawings indicating each item of noncompliance with an accompanying photograph. Using colour-coded SmartPins, the exact location of each asset can be marked on layout plans. The plans and photographs can then be generated as appendixes to the report.

The GoReport Fire Defects solution is offered as either a pre-built GoReport Smart Library Template or custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements and service offering.

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