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Bespoke Residential Building Survey

Many of our residential surveying customers choose to create a Bespoke Residential Building Survey in line with their own design, utilising GoReport’s unrivalled custom-built data capture and report capabilities. This enables them to adhere to the RICS practice standards, whilst providing clients with content rich, informative stylised reports.

Your bespoke structured data capture template will provide you with the headings and prompts as you record your survey information on your iPad on site. Information about each element of the property is recorded, complete with ‘traffic lights’ ratings system to classify the priority and condition.

Your own phrases can be stored and maintained within the system in a custom phrase library section. This is designed to support you in completing your report without having to key in large amounts of text.

Online (connected to internet) and offline dictation is available, enabling you to simply record into your iPad and have your voice automatically transcribed to text in the correct section of your report.

Include as many photos as you wish, with annotation to highlight key information. Photos are automatically attached to the relevant section in your report, and when it comes to publishing, you choose whether photos appear as thumbnails alongside observations or as a cross-referenced appendix. Either way they are automatically referenced, sorted, scaled and oriented without the cumbersome task associated with manual processes.

Once you have completed your site survey, upload to the secure GoReport Web Portal, ready for you to reflect and review at your leisure.

Then publishing your report is simply the press of a button to output a fully formatted document with exactly the sections and layout you choose.

An Executive Summary can be automatically generated from the ratings applied during inspection, helping you bring urgent priority matters to your client’s attention. Optional custom variable appendixes can be included to provide additional information to support and explain the findings.

Your high-quality informative report is generated as a pdf, ready to print or email directly to your client.

Within the residential surveyor speciality, the drive for efficiency, consistency and quality of outputs has enabled our clients to spend more time on surveying and inspecting the property and consideration of the advice given, while vastly reducing the report production time. Whether your desire as a surveyor is to do more surveys, broaden your scope of service or even free time for other pursuits, the GoReport Bespoke Residential Report solution shortens the time to complete and issue your final outputs.

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