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Six Facet Survey

GoReport’s Six Facet Survey helps to remove the complexity of reporting and takes care of the data capture while you focus on the comprehensive inspection of each facet. The resultant output contains a detailed assessment of the estate/estates with a clear set of recommendations and summary of remedial costs.

The Six Facet Survey is made up of 6 individual surveys, that combined together cover every aspect required by the NHS. Each individual facet can be custom built to your exact requirements, consisting of:

Facet 1 – Physical Condition Survey (Fabric & M&E)

Facet 2 – Statutory Compliance Audit (inc. Fire)

Facet 3 – Space Utilisation Audit

Facet 4 – Functional Suitability Review

Facet 5 – Quality Audit

Facet 6 – Environmental Management Audit

As you are aware preparation is essential for such a comprehensive survey type. Using pre-structured templates, all the vital information is captured on your mobile device on site, saving a considerable amount of time, and increasing the accuracy of the entire process.

Using your iPad, structured data is collected on an element and sub-element basis, complete with condition and priority ratings for each survey aspect and risk assessments undertaken. Annotated photos are attached to each entry, for later inclusion in reports as thumbnails or an indexed appendix. Using colour coded GoReport SmartPins technology, data entries can be grouped and linked to floor layout plans.

Once an inspection is complete the detailed on-site survey is uploaded to the GoReport Web Portal, where the content can be edited, reviewed, additional information added and approved before publishing. The automatic inclusion of summary tables, graphs and charts in reports, results in high-quality outputs.

The option to publish six facet survey data to Microsoft Excel and interactive dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI, enables slicing, dicing, analysing and presenting data across a portfolio of properties, helping evidence based decisions about the future of the estate including budgeting for maintenance, repair and replacement.

Six Facet Survey templates are custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements or service offering.

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