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GoReport software enables site data to be easily captured using a mobile device, and generate quality reports providing property management with information that in turn can be converted into intelligence from which informed decisions on the management and investment of property can be made.

Cut down survey time
without cutting corners

50% faster reports and 100% more productivity

Surveyors need to ensure their time on site is spent focused on the job, not heads down reporting at the risk of finding an error during the evaluation stage. Surveying should be a seamless process and conducted with confidence knowing outputs will be of optimal quality every single time.

It has been proven you can reduce the overall survey production time by at least 50%. Knowing this why would you continue to use outdated methods over an efficient, accurate and reliable solution?

Work Smarter, Not Harder



Configure sections and relevant RICS-accredited text so that everything you need to complete your survey is combine in one iPad app.


Edit & Review

All of your data is automatically uploaded to cloud storage and formatted to include your annotated photographs, sketches and costings.



When you’re happy with the report, one click of ‘Publish’ button will generate a professional company branded document.

Designed with insight.
Built with you.

By consulting and listening to every surveyor’s requirements, we become a partner, helping them to discover greater efficiencies and increased profit. There is no one size fits all solution that can deliver the ease and efficiency we strive for. That’s why we collaborate with customers to create a specific solution based on their individual business needs. We follow a proven four stage process to ensure that we deliver outstanding results for our customers.

Consistent Quality Reporting

It has never been easier to exceed expectations. Our Smart Reporting technology produces multiple reports from one application. Add your own branding at the click of a button for guaranteed accuracy and quality every time.
Our software is capable of handling vast amounts of data for even the biggest on-site projects, freeing surveyors from endless paperwork and leaving them to focus on what they do best.

RICS licenced reports - RICS Homebuyers report (with and without valuation), RICS Condition Report and RICS Building Survey


Survey smart

With the touch of a finger GoReport SmartPins allows you to link information to a specific location on images, plans + site layouts. Simply touch the image to drop a ‘SmartPin’, touch it again to reveal the information. Enhance your project with our revolutionary data integration development and give your client the tool of understand their data faster.


Integrated analysis and costing

Integrates to Microsoft Word and Excel to unlock your survey data. Using our integration to Power BI, you can gain valuable insights across property portfolios. Customisable costing engine allows you to assign variable rates or use standard pricing references such as BCIS. GoReport is written to be open. You can easily integrate your survey data into external packages such as CAFM or your back office system.


Simple, intelligent ways to save time

Voice to text transcription automatically translates your dictation to text in a fraction or normal typing time.

Change, edit and add to your report as you review and reflect on your survey findings. Editing, annotating and organising photos is as easy as using a smartphone.


Personal assistant. Graphic designer. With GoReport you've got it in one.

Automatic action point recording, reminders and prioritising leaves nothing to chance. Professional graphics and polished layouts gives your reports an eye-catching edge. Use capturing data to complete and publish multiple report formats without revisiting the site. Report formats flex to suit your data, automatically ignoring blank or irrelevant information fields.


"Using a single device to capture all the necessary data means there is little room for errors and administration tasks are more than halved."

Shaun Cosy, Director

Cosey Homes

"I wanted a clear and concise way of recording all the data that prompted the user to record it so that information wasn't missed or forgotten."

Tom Mason, RICS Registered Valuer

Neil Mason Associates

"GoReport saves duplication and therefore time. It reduces the risk of omission, the video and note taking features add to the comprehensive evidence."

Geoff Palmer, Director

Palmer Surveyors

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