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Quinquennial Inspections

Due to their nature as historic buildings, most churches and chapels are required to be inspected regularly. The Church of England introduced quinquennial (Every 5 years) inspections as a statutory requirement in 1955 and many other denominations and secular organisations which are responsible for historic buildings have adopted a similar approach.

The importance of long-term preservation and safety of these inspections by surveyors or other specialists cannot be over-emphasised. GoReport’s detailed Quinquennial Inspection solution used by professional surveyors and inspectors ensures the relevant church buildings are kept in good repair.

GoReport’s bespoke structured data capture template will provide you with the headings and prompts as you record your survey information on your iPad on site. Information about each element of concern is captured, complete with colour coded rating to flag and prioritise any areas of risk. Photographic evidence and location information using GoReport’s SmartPins technology further helps the client visualise the issues raised and evidence for follow up action.

All the information gathered onsite is uploaded to GoReport Web Portal for final edit and review which will take a fraction of the time compared to traditional survey methods. A complete report will include a clear set of recommendations, actions and remedial costs. In addition, raw inspection data can easily be aggregated and inspected for further analysis when reviewing a portfolio of properties.

The powerful cloning (copying) functions in GoReport make it easy to take a copy of previous reports when visiting site for the next inspection, then simply update the information from your last visit, saving a considerable time and effort.

Bespoke Quinquennial Inspection templates are custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements and service offering.

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