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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Survey

The GoReport Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Survey is a purpose built solution designed to produce comprehensive reports for routine maintenance, with the option of including Life-Cycle costings.

Producing PPM’s no longer needs to be a mammoth task, of endless organising, data entry, crunching numbers and trawling through huge spreadsheets, inputting photo references and other relevant details. Surveyors no longer need to struggle arranging and formatting complex data for reporting.

Using your iPad, structured data is collected on an element and sub-element basis, complete with condition and priority ratings, as well as life-cycle age if required. Annotated photos are attached to each entry, for later inclusion in reports as thumbnails or an indexed appendix. Using colour coded GoReport SmartPins technology, data entries can be grouped and linked to floor layout plans.

Reports can span however many years are required and will include detailed cost calculations using quantities and rates that are made available through the software. Costing data can be combined from a range of sources, including online databases such as consulting professionals and contractors, as well as historic projects, all of which can be adjusted to suit the project and uplifted for additional costs such as preliminaries, overheads, professional fees and even projected inflation.

The automatic inclusion of summary tables, graphs and charts in reports, results in high-quality outputs that enhance reputation and engagement with clients.

With often high volumes of data captured on assets across large portfolios, the raw data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or as import to other data analytics tools. GoReport provide integration with Microsoft PowerBI as part of our Smart Library offering to the visual analysis and presentation of interactive dashboards to support evidence based insight, decisions and budgeting for maintenance repair and replacement.

GoReport PPM solutions are in use across a wide range of sectors including Health, Schools and Further Education, Commercial and Retail, Heritage and Arts and Leisure.

The GoReport PPM solution is offered as either a pre-built GoReport Smart Library Template or custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements or service offering.

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