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Meeting Notes and Actions

GoReport clients are often involved in a wide range of meetings or project management engagements in addition to performing surveys and inspections.

The GoReport solution can additionally be used to digitally capture meeting minutes including a list of attendees/non-attendees, items discussed during the meeting and any actions required to be taken as a result of the discussions.

Using the pre-structured template on your mobile device makes taking meeting notes and generating action lists quick and easy, with a consistent high-quality output.

Heading information such as the project name, meeting title, facilitators name, etc., can be entered once, either before attending the meeting or at the commencement then re-used for each meeting. Set up an expected list of attendees, then simply mark their attendance or apologies for absence.

The agenda can also be pre-entered before attending the meeting, saving time later.

Actions arising are recorded by typing or dictation and responsibility assigned to the relevant party. A priority can be assigned to each action using the ratings function in GoReport, that allows you to use your preferred ratings system, such as RAG or numeric ratings to prioritise urgency. If desired, photos can also be included in the Meeting Minutes.

The result is a professional set of minutes, complete with colour-coded prioritised action lists and a tabular prioritised action summary.

The GoReport Meeting Minutes and Actions solution is offered as either a pre-built GoReport Smart Library Template or custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements.

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