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Knotweed Survey

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive non-native species that is both fast-growing and a strong clump forming perennial. Knotweed is of particular interest in the built environment due to its ability to damage foundations, boundary walls, outbuildings, drains, services, paths, drives etc.

As such, valuers who inspect property for mortgage purposes are instructed to report to lenders where Knotweed is present with evidence of treatment that will eradicate the plant as a condition of lending if knotweed is present on or near the site of a property.

Specialists in the area of knotweed (and other invasive plants) utilise the GoReport solution to capture and record the location of Japanese Knotweed at a site or property, to assess the scale of the infestation and properties affected, the risks posed together with professional recommendations and remedial treatment advice as part of a wider Knotweed Management Plan.

The GoReport solution enables our clients to utilise a wide range of functionality configured to your bespoke data capture and reporting needs. Our colour-coded SmartPins will record the exact location the where the Knotweed has been identified and marked on layout drawings together with information related to the element of concern, its risk, prioritisation, photographic evidence, costs for remedial action etc

Once a survey is completed, it can be uploaded to the secure GoReport Web Portal for final reflection, edit and review before publishing to a fully formatted high-quality interactive PDF report ready for distribution to the client.

Bespoke Knotweed Survey templates are custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements and service offering.

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