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Fire Compartmentation Survey

Fire Compartmentation is one of a number of specialist Fire Risk areas where we work with and support surveyors as they carry out their client’s legal obligation under the relevant fire safety legislation and provide the vital identification and understanding of risks.

The objective of fire compartmentation is to prevent the rapid spread of smoke and fire in a building and by sub-dividing the building, escape routes, high risk or high value areas can be protected.

GoReport’s Fire Compartmentation Survey solution makes it easy for surveyors to inspect and assess the condition of all compartment walls and floors, including risers above and below without missing any of the important detail highlighted within a fire risk plan.

On-site data capture allows our users to easily document if compartments are satisfactory and conform to the latest regulations.

Our customers use mobile data capture to carry out their Fire Compartmentation inspection to benefit from; pre-built structured templates with the ability to attach photos and annotate on the move, assign areas of concern to the party responsible for resolving the issue and even use colour-coded GoReport SmartPins to pin-point precise locations on a floorplan.

 Our comprehensive outputs are presented in an easy to read format addressing each area of the inspection and highlighting areas of concern, supported by advice and recommendations to ensure your customers can achieve compliancy and of course prevent the spread of fire by between compartments.

Fire Compartmentation templates are often custom built in collaboration with you to your specific requirements and service offering.

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