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The Dilapidations process can be complicated and both tenants and landlords benefiting greatly from using the services of a chartered surveyor. Complications arising from fit out programme delays, legal uncertainty in contracts and shifting market needs due to the evolving requirements of businesses for the premises they wish to operate within are all part of a more complex workflow involving a range of stakeholders.

The GoReport solution supports a key part of this more complex workflow as tenants and landlords seek early guidance from Dilapidations specialists with a requirement to accurately and efficiently record a Schedule of Dilapidations.

The GoReport Schedule of Dilapidations survey captures all the relevant information of each element of a building with supporting photographic evidence, relevant clauses and our SmartPin technology to identify locations on a site plan. Colour coded Remedial Actions help landlords clearly identify if an item needs to be repaired, redecorated, or reinstated, including the option to add a cost breakdown if necessary, providing a clear set for actions for both the tenant and landlord to move forward.

As the dilapidations process is often feeding into a wider workflow of engagement, data outputs are easily exportable for inclusion in structured Excel or Word documents as well as the ability to produce a formal record of a visit.

GoReport Smart Library Templates include an Interim Schedule of Dilapidations, carried out during a tenancy agreement and a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations that has the ability to record a range of costs incurred by the Landlord as a result of any breaches to the contract.

A Scott Schedule output can be created from GoReport to form the basis or start point for recording further dialogue between landlord and tenant or their representatives.

With GoReport Dilapidations you have the option to choose from our SmartLibrary Template (ready to use pre-defined report template), or work with our vastly experienced team to create a custom template, built and designed to your exact requirements and service offering. 

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