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Damp & Mould Surveys

With the increased attention on social housing due to issues such as damp, mould and poor-quality ventilation in properties, Housing Associations and private landlords have come under greater scrutiny by the Government to prove they provide homes that are well maintained and of a decent standard.

Fully understanding your current housing stock situation, getting to grips with the data and ensuring that any issues are identified and acted upon quickly are crucial for a Housing Association to meet their regulatory and moral obligations.

GoReport gives you the power to deliver consistent, high-quality reports customised to your clients’ exact needs. A comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand are recorded through accurate digital data and photographic collection. The ability to present clear recommendations for each individual property while simultaneously building a comprehensive picture of priority issues across a portfolio provides asset owners with a thorough understanding of high-risk areas and ability to develop a budget for remedial works for each individual property and the complete portfolio.

GoReport’s Smart Library Template’s, our unique bespoke capability and the power of aggregated data for analytics enable our clients to deliver a fast and effective service while distinguishing themselves from the competition.

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