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Commercial Valuation

RICS Registered Valuers preparing Commercial Valuations use the GoReport platform to capture relevant data and produce high quality report outputs in an efficient and consistent manner.

With inspection based valuations, the surveyor will capture relevant information on the commercial building including floor and room usage, layout, area, measurements, construction information and defect observations where these are relevant to the financial valuation, details of the property tenure and any existing occupancy along with supporting documentation and comment.

When used for land or rural surveys, additional information may be included, such as GPS locations.

The detailed on-site survey is uploaded to the GoReport Web Portal, where the content can be edited, reviewed and approved before publishing. At this stage, additional information can be added such as comparable evidence supporting the valuation.

The resultant report can be an automatically formatted high-quality PDF, or output in Microsoft Word format for inclusion in a larger document, alongside content from other sources, such as leases, land registry, planning and environmental information. Data for insurance purposes may also be included using the GoReport Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA).

Commercial Valuation Survey templates are custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements or service offering and in compliance with RICS Red Book Valuation or other International standards as our clients require.

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