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Bespoke Residential Valuation

RICS Registered valuers preparing Residential Valuations use the GoReport platform to capture relevant data and produce high quality report outputs in an efficient and consistent manner.

The combination of an inspection visit to a property and desk research combines to determine the market value of a home with re-valuations common due to the time involved in the home buying process. GoReport has the perfect solution to capture both inspection and desktop research combining them into high quality report outputs and enabling re-evaluations to take place quickly and effectively.

With inspection based valuations, the surveyor will capture relevant information on the residential building including how the property was built, what it is made from, size of building grounds, outbuildings, location as well as the structural condition, any serious defects and recent improvements or extensions etc.

The detailed on-site survey is uploaded to the GoReport Web Portal, where additional information such as comparable valuations etc. can be added and the full report edited, reviewed and approved before publishing.

GoReport’s unique report cloning capability fast tracks the re-evaluation process by producing a new report ready for amending whilst preserving original content.

Many of GoReport’s clients perform valuation work privately or on behalf of a wide range of lenders with a requirement for different formatted data collection or outputs. GoReport’s bespoke template capability and multi output formatting functionality ensure the end result is a high quality interactive PDF report to meet our clients exact requirements and service line needs.

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