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Dublin surveyors found what they were looking for in GoReport

With a vision for greater efficiency and productivity, Omega Surveying Services went in search of a flexible, on-site survey data capture solution back in 2016. But after months of searching and testing, they ended up like fellow Dubliners U2, – they still hadn’t found what they were looking for. There were plenty of potential solutions on the market, but none were able to adapt their default templates to match Omega’s specific requirements.

Omega’s Kevin Hollingsworth takes up the story.

“We’re a tight team with a clear business focus, working with commercial and residential management companies and receivers. We needed specific templates for inspection and defect reports; snagging lists and schedules of condition, but found that many of the solutions on the market couldn’t adapt to our requirements. Then we came across GoReport in early 2017. Within a matter of days, they had reformatted their templates to match our needs. It was quite a surprise after months struggling with other software platforms. The benefits became clear equally fast. Better on-site efficiency and quicker, consistent report generation means that we can complete work in less time with fewer errors. Ultimately that means we can take on more work. Understandably, we’re keen to collaborate with GoReport in the future and have a few more ideas for Omega-specific templates.”

Kevin Hollingsworth
Chartered Building Surveyor
Omega Surveying Services

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