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R.H. Benwell & Associates: A flexible solution for specialist surveys


R.H. Benwell & Associates is known for its fast report turnaround and ability to carry out tailored and specialist residential survey reports.


R.H. Benwell & Associates


Chartered Building Surveyors

GoReport grasped exactly what I wanted to achieve and helped me build it. The support I have received from them has been excellent and is one of the reasons I have continued to use the solution for so many years.

Richard Benwell MRICS, Owner


Richard Benwell MRICS is a residential building surveyor who has a reputation for providing a high quality, tailored service and expert reports in specialist areas including mining and subsidence.

Customer Need

When Richard Benwell started to look for a digital reporting solution, flexibility was at the top of his wish list. He wanted a system that would allow him to build exactly what he needed and facilitate data capture for each specific report. Images are important to him when he is completing his surveys and he was attracted to GoReport’s intuitive software, which automatically indexes and stores data on the go.

Richard had a clear idea of the information he wanted to include and worked closely with GoReport to create custom build reports for residential surveys and the niche reporting types that he specialises in, namely mining and ground stability reports.

Measurable Outcome

Most of Richard’s work comes from referral and repeat business and GoReport has enabled him to maintain the high standards of service and quality that he has become known for, whilst reducing his workload.

Richard has always prided himself on the fast turnaround of his reports, realising that he provides important information that is needed by potential buyers to help them decide whether or not to proceed with a purchase. Achieving this often involved long hours in the office, writing up notes and sorting through site photos. GoReport allows him to complete reports much faster – and without all that excessive admin.

Richard was an early adopter of GoReport, recognising the benefits and efficiencies of mobile reporting. The software has allowed him to increase the volume of work he can take on by saving him valuable time on paperwork and reducing manual errors from the point of data capture right through to the completed report.

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