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Harding Chartered Surveyors adopt digital surveying and achieve 48-hour turnaround time


Harding Chartered Surveyors are one of the most established RICS Building Surveyor firms in London, providing homeowners, landlords and property hunters with impartial, expert property advice. Their Chartered Surveyors work completely independently of banks and lenders and follow the most stringent RICS guidelines to produce accurate valuations and survey reports.


Harding Chartered Surveyors


Chartered Surveying

GoReport has made our surveying practice much more efficient. We can carry out a report in 48 hours while many practices estimate 2 weeks! This time saving is hugely appreciated by our clients and their solicitors. The intuitive technology is reliable and meets the new RICS Home Survey Standard.

David Toogood, Owner, Harding Chartered Surveyors

Customer Need

Harding Chartered Surveyors wanted a solution to help them reduce turnaround time, adopt a more efficient way of recording information on site while reducing the admin time to produce fully formatted reports.

Consistency throughout the surveying process was one of Harding’s key requirements. They needed all report formatting to be coherent, so the same type of report e.g. Building Survey would look the same no matter which one of their Chartered Surveyors carried out the inspection. Consistency in data capture was also vital from standard phrases to pre-defined picklists, enhancing the reliability of data and providing meaningful and informative results.

Benefits of using GoReport

Harding’s are well known in the industry for their professional service and accurate comprehensive surveys. It was important for Harding’s that their fully trained Chartered Surveyors were using their years of training and expertise inspecting the property rather than endless hours taking notes, collating various sources of information and formatting reports.

David Toogood commented: “We are dedicated to putting our clients first and committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry. GoReport’s software has not only made our reports more consistent but increased the accuracy of data and quality of our outputs. Our turnaround time is much shorter meaning we can go back to our clients in less than half the time it would usually take to carry out and publish a survey.

Adopting GoReport software to carry out our reports has given us more time to make strategic decisions on how we can optimise and grow our business. Significant time saving means we can take on a higher volume of surveys and gives our clients more ‘value for money’ service”.

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