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FR Fire Protection combine their specialist services with digital surveying to increase efficiencies


FR Fire Protection is a division of the Frank Rogers Group. They offer a full advisory, delivery and maintenance service in core fire risk works (to a wide-ranging customer base, operating across various sectors and disciplines). As a FIRAS approved contractor, they are committed to providing professional and expert advice, identifying and eliminating potential risk in any property including residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


Frank Rogers


Fire Protection

GoReport’s solution makes it easy for us to inspect and assess the condition of all compartment walls, floors and fire doors without missing any of the important detail.

Digitising our fire door and compartmentation surveys increased our efficiencies and transformed how we carry out our inspections. We have transitioned from a traditional way of working to a more dynamic division within Frank Rogers Group.

Barry Fallows, Director, Frank Rogers Group

Customer Need

As Frank Rogers expanded its thriving Fire Risk division, they required a more intuitive and robust reporting solution to organise and publish reports.

FR Fire Protection deliver a specialist service and are committed to providing professional and expert advice, identifying, and eliminating risk in any property. With such detailed inspections using word and excel to document results was no longer sufficient.

 “We were handwriting our inspection notes and using word and excel spreadsheets to record and manage data. While this worked for us at the time, it became difficult to manage and oversee reports on a paper-based system, continuing to operate in this way was no longer sustainable for the rate of growth we were anticipating.”

Benefits of using GoReport

Barry and the team were committed to moving the company forward and GoReport solution was implemented to make it happen.

Due to the vital role compartmentation plays in overall fire strategy, Frank Rogers required a solution that was supportive to their team of experts and reliable given the volume of reports produced.  Surveyors enjoy using GoReport software as it helps guide the inspection on site without missing any important detail.

“The software is user friendly which made it easier for our team of surveyors to get used to and with no disruption to their daily workload. The time our qualified surveyors spend on admin has been reduced significantly meaning we turnaround reports much quicker and can get back to clients in a number of days as opposed to weeks, passing value on to our clients as well as helping us attract new business.”

Adopting a consistent approach was a ‘big win’ for Frank Rogers. It gave the division confidence that each job was going to be completed to a high-quality standard. Time on site is extremely valuable therefore having the option to pre-populate data allowed surveyors to focus their efforts on the inspection not wordsmithing each individual survey.  This was particularly helpful when carrying out surveys on large buildings such as tower blocks, hotels and student accommodation etc with many fire doors and compartments to inspect.

‘Traffic Light’ (RAG) ratings enables surveyors to record and flag each observation and defect throughout the inspection. Using GoReport bespoke template, Frank Rogers chose to collate the ratings into a ‘Priority and Risk to Life’ table which appears at the beginning of the report in the Executive Summary.

“Colour coding our inputs is visually appealing which is helpful for us when recording information but also for our clients output allowing them to identify the areas of high concern early on, without scrolling through numerous pages.”

“Adopting technology to record and publish our surveys has made our lives easier and helped us build on our reputation for efficiency and quality. With growth plans in place, we aim to have many more clients on board, thankfully with GoReport well embedded into our workflow we will be able to easily accommodate the extra workload ensuring we are operating to maximum potential.

The integration has been second to none, and the team at GoReport are always friendly and willing to help.”

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