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Sircle “Formerly Topscan”: Flexible proptech solution gives survey firm the competitive edge


UK based survey and scanning company Sircle "Formerly Topscan" specialises in providing clients with accurate information on the property portfolio including CAD and Revit drawings of land & buildings, M&E asset registers and compliance services, all of which support efficient estates and facilities management.


Sircle "Formerly Topscan"


Surveying & Scanning

Continual improvement is fundamental to us as we expand and evolve. GoReport’s software has transformed our business by streamlining our processes to help us work smarter, setting us apart in a highly competitive and quality driven sector.

Chad Coombes, Director, Sircle


The company uses state of the art surveying equipment and its own experienced in-house surveyors to deliver precise and reliable data for investment planning, space maximisation and buildings compliance.

Sircle provides land, building and MEP Surveys and document scanning services to clients throughout the UK and internationally. The vast amount of data that is handled by the company on a daily basis meant traditional reporting methods had become laborious. Topscan turned to GoReport for a flexible software solution that would replace a previous piece of software that never lived up to expectations.

Customer Need

The need to be able to collect information on site with minimal disruption to the day to day occupancy became increasingly important to Topscan’s clients.

Sircle said: “Previously we had used a data collection system that was time consuming, laborious to populate and meant we were continually waiting for the data to upload before we could move on to the next asset. Using GoReport allowed us to be more efficient on site especially as the software uses iPads to the fullest extent including photo, videos, voice recording and a QR scanner to conduct our surveys.”

Measurable Outcome

The flexibility of GoReport’s proptech software meant that, unlike many off-the-shelf solutions, Topscan had a fully customised product that fitted their business needs exactly. GoReport’s deep understanding of the survey market was invaluable to this process.

The software has reduced site time by making it easier and faster for survey teams to gather the data they need for M&E asset registers using a single digital tool rather than pens, note pads, cameras and other equipment. This data is processed and formatted automatically to create a professional electronic report in a fraction of the time it would have taken to write up notes, download images and collate information from multiple sources.


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