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No need to outsource report typing thanks to GoReport’s voice to text dictation and flexible phrasing structure


Carpenter Surveyors is an SME based in the Midlands and has been carrying out residential property surveys and valuations for over 30 years.


Carpenter Surveyors


Residential Survey & Valuation

Thanks to GoReport we have removed the need for costly and time consuming outsourced secretarial services, and we have been able to achieve uniformity and consistency of reporting across the business, without compromising on our ability to custom build our reports.

Ian Bullock, Managing Director


Carpenter Surveyors specialises in RICS Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys as well as Valuations and Development Appraisal Reports.

Customer Need

The key driver for introducing GoReport software was a desire to improve efficiencies throughout our business model. The company was outsourcing its transcription which was costing on average £450 a month. Often reports would take an extra few days to turn around because of the need to send them off for typing.

GoReport’s voice to text transcription means Carpenter Surveyors can automate their note taking during a site visit, removing the need for outsourced secretarial services. The standard phrase sets also help build consistency and clarity in surveyors reporting, helping to gain efficiencies from all aspects of the surveying process from inspection, to report creation to dispatch.

The company’s surveyors were also taking a large number of photographs on site which took considerable time to organise, annotate and insert into each report. With GoReport, photos automatically upload at the relevant point in the report, saving time and reducing manual errors. The result is a robust, clearly defined set of site capture notes, report formatting for both the surveyor’s records and client end report.

The company had trialled other digital solutions and package providers but had found them more difficult to use. They liked GoReport’s intuitive software and the training provided. Ian added: “It’s fairly safe to say GoReport are perhaps one of the best PropTech Survey Solutions for the SME in today’s IT driven world.”

Measurable Outcome

GoReport has helped Carpenter Surveyors to streamline systems and become a more cloud-based business and ultimately to win more work and get more done.

They are no longer outsourcing report transcription which means each report is cheaper to produce and can be sent back to the customers in less time.

Carpenter Surveyors have found the software easy to use and roll out across the company and really like the fact that every report is produced in a similar style and format, no matter which surveyor produces it. Consistency is key in business.

GoReport’s customer support team has helped them build custom reports that perfectly suit their market and needs, with ongoing support whenever they need it.

Ian said, “Customers service has been second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GoReport’s, in fact I have, to a number of fellow surveyors.”

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