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Waste Management Audit

Waste producers have an obligation to understand and record what streams they produce and how they manage waste. They also have a duty of care to ensure that all waste produced is disposed of in line with legislative requirements including volume of waste kept along with details of where waste is disposed of.

GoReport provides custom built data capture and reporting solutions to enable an auditor to identify current waste performance, potential missing controls and improvements that could be made to the systems in place.

The GoReport user can carry out Waste Management Audit’s using their iPhone or iPad to thoroughly examine and inspect all aspects of waste management and to provide a detailed report including a clear action list and scoring.

A detailed set of questions can be pre-built into the template to allow for quick and easy data capture, colour coded indexed priority ratings and action plans can be implemented and customised to highlight areas of non-compliance or opportunity for improvement. Photographic evidence and location information using GoReport’s SmartPins technology further helps the client visualise the issues raised and evidence for follow up action.

The powerful cloning (copying) functions in GoReport make it easy to take a copy of previous reports when visiting site for the next inspection, then simply update the information from your last visit, saving considerable time and effort. In addition to high quality, professional interactive PDF outputs, the raw data is exportable for further analysis or use in a wider workflow.

Waste Management Audit templates are custom built in collaboration with you to your exact requirements or service offering.

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