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Structural Survey

Structural engineers use GoReport to undertake a wide variety of inspections and surveys of residential and commercial properties.

Surveys range from a complete structural survey – examining and recording information about every area and element of the building, through to inspections of a specific structural defect and its likely causes and recommended remedial works.

Our structural engineering customers are often commissioned to produce surveys for a range of reasons, including:

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Surveys
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Structural Condition Surveys
  • Structural Feasibility for planned alterations
  • Structural Defects Survey
  • Subsidence
  • Fire and Flood Damage

For each type of survey, we design a purpose built custom template to make it quick and easy to digitally capture information on site using a mobile device. Our powerful tools for online and offline dictation, a phrase library to save typing in repetitive text, hand-writing recognition and the inclusion of unlimited photos complete with comments and annotation, enable you to enter information using your preferred methods. With the addition of GoReport SmartPins, observations can by intelligently linked to coloured pins on layout plans, helping clients locate exactly where the description is referring to in the property.

Once the on-site survey is complete, the information is uploaded to your secure area in the GoReport Web Portal, where you can edit and review your content, before generating a rich formatted and stylised report in exactly the layout you desire. With the ability to automatically generate an Executive Summary using priority ratings assigned by you, highlight specific H&S issues and attach Appendixes to your report, the end result is a high quality output in a fraction of the time consumed using traditional surveying and reporting methods.

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