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Schedule of Condition (SoC)

GoReport Schedule of Condition (SoC) has been designed to accurately record site data using a mobile device with the benefit of rapidly producing a professional high quality document output and aggregated data output for further analysis and reporting.

Users can quickly capture all relevant survey data describing the conditions of a commercial or residential property directly on an iPad or iPhone using a range of innovative features, such as; standard and custom phrases, voice to text translation, automated dictation, picklists and photos using detailed notes.

Surveyors can move through the building efficiently with minimal disruption to occupants and focus on the job. The structured data capture template prompts the surveyor, thereby helping to avoid missing any of the important detail with the location, priority and even cost of issue accurately recorded using our SmartPins technology.

Once you have captured your site survey information, upload to the secure GoReport Web Portal for final reflection, edit and review before publishing to a fully formatted high quality interactive PDF output ready to be distributed to your client or export to Excel for further analysis and review as required. The ability to automatically create summary tables, graphs and charts in reports, results in high-quality outputs that enhance reputation and engagement with clients.

GoReport clients utilise our Schedule of Condition solution across a wide range of sectors including Health, Schools and Further Education, Commercial and Retail, Heritage and Arts and Leisure.

With GoReport Schedule of Condition you have the option to choose from our SmartLibrary Template (ready to use pre-defined report template), or work with our vastly experienced team to create a custom template, built and designed to your exact requirements and service offering.

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