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Photographic Schedule of Condition (PSoC)

GoReport’s Photographic Schedule of Condition (PSoC) enables surveyors and inspectors to record the condition of properties by rapidly capturing photo’s along with captions on site and generating reports in less time than by using traditional methods.

For each element inspected on the property, you can now quickly record all relevant data directly on your iPad including photographs, textual description of condition and identification of locations. Photographs can be further supplemented with annotations to highlight defects. The solution workflow also allows for preamble information such as property address and client name to be filled out prior to the survey. Property owner disruption is minimised while you are on-site as you are able to move through the building efficiently while still being able to capture all the required details.

As soon as you connect to the internet after leaving the property, the survey data is uploaded to the GoReport Web Portal where you or a colleague in the office can see the PSoC Report you just created. From here you can review and edit anything necessary and then simply publish when completely satisfied. The end result is a professional, company branded report that represents a factual photographic record of the condition of the property surveyed on a particular date. And all done in a fraction of the time it used to take.

With GoReport Photographic Schedule of Condition you have the option to choose from our SmartLibrary Template (ready to use pre-defined report template), or work with our experienced Customer Care team to create a custom template, built and designed to your exact requirements.

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