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Sava Partners with GoReport

Sava, a leading provider of surveying education and training for aspiring surveyors, has partnered with GoReport to provide the latest technology solutions to their learners and members.

The partnership enables Sava learners to access a new, cutting-edge digital platform for report generation, including GoReport’s provision of the Sava Home Condition Survey (HCS), as part of their assessment process, whilst giving Sava members access in the field.

In a collaboration that demonstrates Sava’s forward-looking strategy, adoption of GoReport’s software will familiarise learners with the latest market-leading surveying technology so they are equipped for their future careers in residential surveying.

“We’re excited to partner with GoReport to continue providing our learners with the best possible training and support,” said Hilary Grayson, Director of Surveying Services at Sava. “This new digital solution will offer our learners early exposure to the latest technology, giving them an advantage in their professional development and a competitive edge in the job market.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sava to offer our expertise and support,” said Gavin O’Neill, CEO of GoReport. “Our aim is to inform and educate surveyors on the benefits of adopting digital solutions and ensure that the next generation are entering the workplace equipped with the knowledge to gain the most benefit from digital technology, and more time to practice the art of surveying!”

Sava and GoReport are committed to working together to provide best in class training and support to aspiring surveyors. This partnership is just the beginning of what is sure to be a successful collaboration that will benefit many in the surveying profession.

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