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RICS Young Surveyors of the Year Embrace Digital Surveying Software

The built environment and in particular surveying have often been criticised of lagging behind when it comes to the adoption of technology. More recently there has been a growing shift in attitudes and behaviour towards technology and with an influx of the next generation of young surveyors we can begin to see positive changes in the sector with an increase in the number of companies embracing technology and using data to provide actionable insights for their clients.

Technology should never be perceived as a replacement for surveyors, it should be viewed as an enhancement to their workflow, bringing about efficiencies while improving quality, allowing professionals to focus on customers, increase the volume of surveys, work on strategy and growth or even free up some very valuable personal time.

Younger surveyors growing up with technology can easily understand such benefits and how technology can be used as an effective tool to support their surveying experience, allowing them to focus on their role as professional surveyors, solving the issues that matter most to their clients, helping them to make better decisions but on a much more informed basis by combining data and professional observations.

Each year the RICS organise and host the Young Surveyor of the Year awards. The prestigious awards recognise the inspirational and diverse young surveying professionals in the UK. They showcase the highest standards of professionalism and innovation within the built environment and provide an opportunity to identify the future industry leaders.

GoReport are privileged to have on board two inspirational companies who have been recognised by RICS for their contribution to the profession. Novello Chartered Surveyors and McCluskey Chartered Surveyors were both shortlisted for the awards.

Novello Chartered Surveyors

James Brook, Director of Novello Chartered Surveyors won the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year award in the Residential Property category. James won the award for his success in launching Novello Chartered Surveyors and the development of bespoke surveys; Homelevel Report and Novello+ Building Survey. James is a surveyor with a passion for technology and innovation who has quickly gained a reputation for his excellent service.

Novello Chartered Surveyors are RICS qualified surveyors offering survey, valuation and general residential property services across London and the South East.

James Brook, commented: “Technology is essential to the success of our business as it helps us to maintain constant and open communications with our clients, providing quick, detailed reports. When forming the business, we were searching for technology partners who understood our desire to focus on quality and consistency and allowed our brand and methodology to stand out against the competition. GoReport solution is a key factor in establishing and maintaining a consistent approach as we employ more surveyors and ensures the quality of our service offering is second to none.”

McCluskey Chartered Surveyors

Aaron and Emma McCluskey, Directors of McCluskey Surveyors, were both finalists at the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year under the categories of Building Surveying and Residential Surveying respectively. These awards recognise ‘outstanding achievement in all areas of building surveying and building control; an individual who has been fundamental in projects which build, restore or develop structures, or has demonstrated drive and motivation in aspects of building regulations, health and safety or energy efficiency. They further recognise the ‘outstanding talent of an individual who achieves exceptional results and provides quality customer service in the fields of buying, selling, or letting residential property’.

McCluskey Surveyors is an independent, Chartered Building Surveying practice based in the South Hams, Devon. A combination of their experience, hard work and determination to provide a personalised high-quality service has certainly paid off.

“When we launched McCluskey Surveyors, ensuring customer ease was a critical part of our business plan. We spent a lot of time mapping the customer journey to find the best, most user-friendly solutions. GoReport has helped us provide an efficient and quality service, building a strong reputation in the industry. It has allowed us to significantly reduce the time it takes to share our reports with our clients. Digital surveying provides with us with a competitive advantage for the growth of our business.” Emma McCluskey

Gavin O’Neill, CEO, GoReport commented: “We continue to admire the hard work, determination and forward-thinking attitudes of young professionals in the surveying profession.

Both Novello and McCluskey Surveyors achievements to date are remarkable and we’re proud they chose to partner with GoReport from the outset. We look forward to our journey with such talented entrepreneurs and are also excited to welcome new ambitious individuals and companies as the industry continues to evolve.”

Winners of the RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year Awards 2021 will be announced on 19th November. Good luck to all entrants!

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