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RICS Global Guidance Note for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of Residential and Commercial Property

The RICS released the 1st edition of the new guidance note for the planned preventative maintenance of commercial and residential property at the beginning of February 2022 with an effective date of 1st May 2022.

The new guidance note sets out the general principles that should be adopted when undertaking a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) survey and report for built assets, and provides RICS members, regulated firms and their clients with a source of best practice.

Although the PPM Guidance note is not mandatory and does not amount to or replace the relevant requirement for obtaining statutory compliance reports, the working group who are experts in undertaking PPM’s for many years are advocating a theme of Opportunity for Surveyors to improve society, and protect the public and to promote the importance of raising key issues around health and safety, fire risk, asbestos, disabled access and restricted access issues when producing PPM’s.

In the introduction to the guidance note, the RICS further define that although the term PPM refers to ‘preventative’ maintenance, it should be acknowledged that maintenance is not always preventative, and the guidance note concerns all aspects of planned maintenance including reactive maintenance as well as looking at the whole maintenance strategy of a building.

The RICS professional guidance note is a global document and recognises the diversity that exists in the built environment from residential versus commercial, to differences in construction technology and ultimately the requirements of the asset owner.

Find out more and download a full copy of the guidance note here 

Digital surveying and the new PPM guidance

It’s worth highlighting in section 4.1.1 the RICS guidance note draws specific attention to the appropriate use of electronic data capture software and the expectations that surveyors should have of their chosen software applications.

Many surveyors conduct PPM’s utilising the GoReport solution across a wide range of individual and assets across large portfolios. Having supported the delivery of thousands of PPM engagements across the globe, GoReport have extensive experience in all the areas of PPM, supporting regular review and reinspection cycles, the incorporation of data capture for multidiscipline project teams and specialist sub-contractor engagement.

The GoReport platform delivers the required flexibility for our clients whilst promoting a consistent approach within a particular PPM engagement.

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