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GoReport software solutions provider expands its library of integrations with BCIS online reinstatement costs calculator

BCIS online reinstatement cost calculator merges seamlessly into GoReport’s web portal, accommodating surveyors increased desire for efficiency in their business processes.

BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) Rebuild Online provides access to reinstatement costs, in association with the Association of British Insurers, so that levels of insurance can be agreed for a domestic property. This guidance is important for both the consumer in ensuring that they are paying for rebuild insurance levels commensurate with their property and for lenders to ensure the right levels of cover are in place when providing mortgages.

For the Residential Surveyor offering calculations as part of Home Survey standards or other valuations where required, the process can involve utilising BCIS’s website to manually provide the relevant information and to retrieve cost guidance.

GoReport has expanded their integration capability, allowing BCIS data to flow seamlessly into the GoReport Web Portal meaning any GoReport client subscribed to BCIS Rebuild Online can carry out the reinstatement calculation without even leaving the portal, creating a more efficient workflow and saving time.

In a unique industry offering, GoReport’s BCIS integration can be introduced for any applicable RICS Home Survey standard or any bespoke template. In the web portal users have  control over the automatic inclusion of returned values and access to an audit trail of the searched and retrieved criteria.

Integrating BCIS for Rebuild Cost Assessments eliminates the need to manually transfer data over from one system to another, streamlining GoReport’s customers processes, increasing their productivity and minimising the risk of human error.

Gavin O’Neill, CEO at GoReport commented: “Demand for software integration is growing exceptionally and this is no different in surveying. We’ve teamed up with BCIS to optimise surveyors report production time through software integration. Too often surveyors waste valuable time duplicating processes. Therefore, GoReport’s integration with BCIS enables surveyors to automate part of their workflow and provides an easy-to-use interface in the process. The new partnership will help users of GoReport and BCIS to better communicate efficient and accurate data to their customers.

BCIS Head of Commercial Partnerships, Richard Groom, shares his vision surrounding the integration: “We saw an opportunity to partner with one of the industry’s leading digital surveying solution providers and extend the functionality for customers who use both BCIS and GoReport platforms. We’re committed to providing trusted and reliable information to our customers and GoReport were able to use our API to easily integrate the BCIS reinstatement calculation into their system. This provides incredible time saving benefits to both sets of customers.”

This is just one of the many available integrations available at GoReport using automation to support the delivery of high-quality reports to clients, quickly and easily.  Through these integrations, small companies are now equipped with the same tools as large organisations, while benefiting from lowered and reduced strain on resources.

To take advantage of the BCIS Rebuild Cost Integration, contact the GoReport team to configure the integration with the relevant templates or contact us for more information.

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