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Hardies Surveyors delivering client value through the adoption of digital


Hardies Property & Construction Consultants are one of the UK's leading surveying practices. Hardies Property & Construction Consultants first formed in 1913, merged with J&E Shepherd Chartered Surveyors in 2016 forming an unrivalled firm of chartered surveyors with a staff base of 450 and 41 offices. Hardies being the construction arm and Shepherd being the Valuation and Commercial arm. Hardies operate in both the Private and Public sectors and have extensive experience in all types of projects that the UK has to offer, both small and large scale. Their focus is on excellence and service delivery, and they are fully committed to meeting clients requirements and will at every opportunity strive to exceed expectations.

Customer Need

In 2021, Hardies embarked on a project of scale that required a “digital first” approach, which lead to an opportunity to enhance their workflow.  For Hardies to provide the highest quality of service and exceed their client expectations, they realised the need for a supportive and flexible digital surveying solution.

The Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) assessment of their client’s property portfolio required a full condition, costing and priority analysis for a 10-year programme. To achieve this, an exceptional amount of data was required to be captured with consistent quality over an aggressive timeframe.

Hardies approach to providing client services is constantly evolving and adapting to reflect ever-changing client demands and market requirements.

They pride themselves in offering a bespoke service that can be tailored to meet individual client’s requirements, therefore it was important that the company partnered with a digital solution that could facilitate their flexible approach.

Through early engagement with GoReport, Hardies were able to develop their understanding of the solution and to gain confidence not only in the ability of the software to drive the benefits of quality, consistency and efficiency across the project but also in the GoReport implementation team to support Hardies and external partners as the project evolved.

Benefits of using GoReport

The benefits of the “digital first” approach have been significant for both Hardies and their clients. Hardies has been able to improve the accuracy of data at source, greatly enhance the efficiency of data aggregation, and significantly improve quality assurance. These benefits have become especially important with many geographically dispersed surveyors.

Hardies’ clients, on the other hand, have benefited from having data and insights available on time with a clear visual understanding of their portfolio, including estimate cost and priority remedial works. The innovative use of technology has enhanced Hardies service offering and will support the further evolution of client engagement.

For Hardies having the ability to capture significant amounts of data quickly, but most importantly accurately and consistently, is an invaluable commodity to their clients. Report data, captured digitally onsite using GoReport, is quickly integrated into Cost Management programmes, allowing immediate and accurate provision of budgets to clients.

GoReport have provided Hardies with an exceptional service and innovative, flexible approach, that was needed for their business. It was important they partnered with a digital solution that could tailor to individual clients’ needs and facilitate their QA process. GoReport’s bespoke data capture now ensures their time management is more efficient, and in addition to that the management portal provides a clear overview of project progress and produces high quality outputs every time. GoReport have configured their clients’ dashboards in such a way to give both our project team and clients a visual representation of their assets. Having a set of clear and concise outputs make it easy to convey relevant issues to non-technical members of the team and client organisations.

Through the experience of adopting digital, Hardies has learned a lot, and they are continuously striving to evolve to meet the changing demands of the market. They have become a market-leading surveying business, utilising the best tools available, and they are committed to corporate capability as less about project cost and more about something the business needs to have. They are also focused on knowledge share and confident that committing to digital adoption ensures they will continue to deliver exceptional client value.

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