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Digital Survey Solution for Crawford & Company


As an industry leader operating on a global scale, Crawford & Company values its position at the forefront of its field. Its teams continually collate data and information onsite as a way of responding to clients and enhancing services to meet the evolving needs of customers. Keen to embrace the latest developments in PropTech, Crawford & Company wanted to explore how electronic data capture and streamlined reporting could develop its business offering and provide solutions to common operational and service challenges.


Crawford & Company



GoReport listened and understood our needs first so that the solutions they developed had maximum impact on productivity. We have developed an excellent rapport and an extremely collaborative process. Like our own customers, we have extremely high expectations, and, thanks to GoReport’s expertise, creativity and professionalism, these have been well and truly exceeded.

John Ward, Technical Services Operations Manager


Crawford & Company recognised that by embracing the opportunities offered by digital technology, it could deliver even better customer service and asked GoReport to help it improve efficiency across the business through online data collation, efficient image capture and easier report outputs.

The two companies began to collaborate to provide a custom reports based on an analysis of Crawford & Company business priorities and customer needs.

During the scoping exercise, they worked in partnership to create an end-to-end digital surveying solution that offered Crawford & Company an efficient and standardised way to meet evolving customer needs. A number of friction points were found, one of which was the firm’s letter of appointment. Typically this was issued in print format, so GoReport developed a digital process that allows authorisation to be secured on site, saving time and enabling work to proceed immediately.

Digital survey templates are now used at every stage of the process, from initial insurance claim assessment right through to after the property has been reinstated. The digital templates can be used in every eventuality including fire, water, flood and impact damage.

Due to the success of the scoping process, online risk assessment analysis, health and safety checks and letters of appointment have been developed and further survey templates are in the pipeline.

Customer Need

For a company like Crawford & Company, dealing with complex and varied scenarios, fast and accurate paperless reporting with the ability to feed bespoke questions and data into each template is invaluable.

Ease of use and flexibility minimises errors and saves time without compromising on detail.

GoReport has trained three of its regional teams to provide ongoing support and training to Crawford & Company users.

Measurable Outcome

GoReport’s digital surveying solution has reduced admin time by automating the reporting function completely. Voice recorded notes are translated into text on site and photographs are tagged automatically and inserted in the correct place. The software allows for sketching and digital note taking so that nothing is missed. The system is now being used to capture data and generate automatic reports at every UK site visited.

With bespoke technology and tailored training, Crawford & Company has achieved more robust quality assurance, greater consistency in reporting and a faster turnaround. As a result, surveyors spend more time customer facing on site and less in the office.

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