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Technology Spotlight – The New iPhone Survey

In this Tech Spotlight we look at a development which uses an everyday device, namely your iPhone which uses the same iOS functionality as an iPad to make your life just that little bit easier. In our previous edition, we spoke about the advances in voice to text recognition and it’s through integrating this technology into the GoReport iPhone products that certain types of surveys and inspections have been simplified.

One such survey is the PSoC (Photographic Schedule of Condition) which uses the same ‘Click & Talk’ technology as the iPad version, meaning you take a picture – ‘Click’ and as you ‘Talk’, your notes are transcribed.  The PSoC loses none of its functionality on the iPhone for example you can use Siri to transcribe your voice to text immediately.The data can be uploaded within seconds to provide a branded report ready for your review complete with appropriate table of contents, preambles, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Our recent industry research, found many surveyors have conducted PSoC surveys with a digital camera and note-book and/or dictaphone before returning to the office, where admin time is spent painstakingly matching photos and transcribing text before finally collating it into a branded report. Our experience has taught us for every 1 hour spent onsite, up to a further 2 hours can be spent on the administration and formatting of your report and post-survey review. GoReport Survey can compact significantly simplify this process where all of your time is spent surveying, reflecting and reviewing and not on sorting of photos, transcribing and less than exciting admin work . The new iphone products of GoReport are just another tool to assist you and are further confirmation of the influence technology has on our daily working lives.

Other releases for the iPhone include a Defect Survey and a Pre-Survey Checklist, both of which add value to the range of GoReport products available.

If you are interested in hearing more about the above products and are interested to see the iPhone survey in real time on your iPhone, contact our success team today.

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