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Staff Spotlight: Meet Daniel our Customer Success Consultant

In my role as a Customer Success Consultant at GoReport, no two weeks are ever the same. I work closely with individual surveyors and large teams from multi-national organisations, making sure GoReport meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Once you decide to come on-board with GoReport, I’ll spend some time getting you set up just the way you want. From information input, specific user list creation and software implementation, my goal is to build out your unique data capture tool, so that from day one you’re ready to get going onsite and in the field.

Before I joined GoReport I was a product specialist at Apple for 5 years while working for my MSc in Computer Science. My time at Apple was mostly spent recommending solutions and repairing client relationships with the brand. It was invaluable experience. Now I use everything that I learned to make sure GoReport is the perfect tool for your job.

Often this involves demonstrating the software to local practices and providing specific webinars for our clients in mainland UK. I love speaking with new people, understanding what they are looking to achieve, and then doing it.

We use client’s thoughts and feedback to make improvements to our system and ultimately allow them to capture data and produce reports faster. It’s our users who make GoReport what it is, and so this year we are launching our proactive ‘Customer Care Programme’ to push the boundaries further again. This exciting new initiative is a free service for all customers to make sure they gain maximum benefit from GoReport. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks!

At any time, you can call me for advice and support on how the software works and how we can make it better for you. The biggest boost for me at the end of a week is knowing I have helped ease concerns and come up with solutions that are quick and effective.



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