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Sava Technical Bulletin: The importance of digital data collection in supporting a growing surveying business.

“Digital data collection and reporting in surveying”: This article outlines the true benefits of digital data collection, what it means in practice and how can it be used to accelerate growth through effective implementation.

  • What are the benefits of digital data collection?
  • Digitisation supporting high volume
  • Integration with other systems driving efficiency
  • Project Capability and Flexibility
  • What does Digital Data Collection in surveying mean in practice and how can it be used to accelerate growth?
  • Novello Chartered Surveyors Case Study
  • How did Novello Chartered Surveyors successfully implement digital data collection to support their growth?
  • GoReport & Novello Chartered Surveyors Timeline of Engagement

Read the full Sava Technical Bulletin here (you simply need to register for a free account first if you haven’t done so already).


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