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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Not to be too dramatic about it but here at GoReport we have been working hard in 2016, trying to make our small imprint on the property world.  We didn’t land on the moon but we think our recent launch of the new generation GoReport is a big leap in surveying technology.

This year saw the fruition of 18 months intensive study of working practices in a significant number of surveying companies and they study resulted in our new generation of GoReport.

The new generation GoReport offers streamlined rapid on-site data capture, improved editing and review features as well as extensive report personalisation and outputs. Another key improvement is the integration with everyday software (e.g. Excel) and leading data analytics and dashboarding packages which allows surveyors to view and analyse data to support clients in making informed business decisions.

You can read the full report on our 18 months’ research here 

Following the success of our product launch events ,2017 will see more free roadshows.

We are planning a number of events throughout the UK and Ireland in the coming weeks which are free to attend and will offer  informal CPD.

See below for the additional locations.

Upcoming events:

17th January




24th January


Royal Tunbridge Wells


7th February




21st February




7th March




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