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New Releases for Flagship Products

Most of you will have heard about the release of the new generation GoReport we take a look at what this means for the flagship products we have been upgrading as part of our 18 months surveyor feedback.

We are now able to offer noteworthy improvements to the PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance), SoC (Schedule of Condition) and Building Survey products, and are rigorously testing new solutions for an early 2017 release, these include RCA (reinstatement cost assessment), the Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence, PSoC (photographic schedule of condition) and Party Wall 

Look out for the rapid expansion of our fit for purpose family of solutions in the coming weeks and months ahead.

PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) 


A survey designed to record the current conditions of a facility in order to create a long-term budget for the combined planned cyclical and annual maintenance that will prolong the appearance, performance and durability of said building, plant and equipment and reduce the higher costs of reactive repairs.

GoReport Planned Maintenance surveys have had numerous features added including:

  • off-line voice capture that can be auto – transcribed once back in the office and now with improved accent processing for massively improved conversion accuracy
  • Easily apply costings from your own costings library meaning less admin time and less look up required
  • complete report formatting for the photo schedule, executive summaries and spreadsheet outputs,
  • Ability to merge multiple reports into one overall report, helpful when working with multiple surveyors on a project or consolidating multiple properties within a portfolio
  • streamlined and simplified data capture,
  • automatic setup of elemental makeup of room types and focus on capture of the condition, actions and photos, (save lots of simply repetitive set up time),
  • keep a record of non-publishing site notes so the surveyor can capture everything that feels relevant to an audit trail of the work performed,
  • site notes can use the latest in handwriting recognition technologies (capture your notes just like you always have but let the tech convert it to text – saving you valuable time)
  • easily create, modify and update a corporate language for defects so your clients get a consistently branded dialogue and many other features that give the surveyor serious competitive advantages over old style data capture and tedious administrative formatting.
  • Easily integrate consolidated totals into data analytics formats for powerful visual review and value-added analysis.




A schedule of condition (SOC) is a factual record of the condition of a property, normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons. Schedules of condition can be prepared for either residential or commercial buildings.

The GoReport Schedule of Condition takes advantage of all of the newly released platform features including:

  • improved automated transcription

  • room-type elemental makeup

  • non-publishing site notes and more.

Once you experience the flow of the system and its ease of use, the flexibility of the process, and the various output options with the large time savings, you will quickly wonder how you did it without these features!


Building Survey

Building Survey (non-RICS)

Our Residential Building Survey solution lets you carry out detailed surveys and generate comprehensive reports for residential in less time meaning less disruption for all involved.

Taking advantage of some of the major new features, the GoReport Building Survey for Residential is designed to allow you to easily personalise the report.  You can manipulate details and easily format the look and feel, as well as the output, photo handling, guidance and recommendations within the survey.

The variable appendices features allow you to enjoy significant customer value-added visibilities completely bespoke to you, your brand and your company.  All whilst maintaining the ability to capture site notes as you view the property and still conforming to all required professional standards of a Building Survey.

 COMING SOON – early 2017 releases

Reinstatement Cost Assessment


An RCA is an ‘assessment of building reinstatement cost for insurance purposes’, typically carried out by a qualified surveyor who calculates the cost to rebuild the property on an elemental basis.

Nine months in the making and having benefitted from a GoReport PathFinders Programme.

The upcoming release of the RCA is offering groundbreaking functionality in directly integrating BCIS rates, allowing for multiple dimensions capture, multiple purpose types within an section, aggregation dashboarding for portfolios presentation and all of the other survey technique developments within the  new generation GoReport platform.

GoReport  RCA PathFinder Session 2 is due to kick off in early February 2017.


Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

A survey carried out to identify defects or deficiencies, which could impact on the short, medium, or long-term performance and the price of a building.

The Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence is the latest addition to the ever-growing range of purpose built solutions in the GoReport family.

Due in January of 2017 is a condition survey that allows for the capture of value impacting, health and safety, compliance, and maintenance related issues to be considered in decision making. The details can be easily tailored to reflect the aggressiveness level of discovery desired. So whether it’s a straightforward investment or being purchased for direct occupancy the workflow is streamlined to be exactly fit for purpose.

With 3 levels of Executive Summary findings available and utilising priority and condition ratings of your choice, the presentation of findings, actions and costs is relevant to the decisions being considered. The overall specific details are always accessible and can be easily referred to as necessary but the intelligence in the findings is what gets front and centre attention. This solution is also fundamentally designed for portfolio aggregation, analysis and dashboarding.




A Photographic Schedule of Condition (PSoC) is a record of the condition of a property, normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons. Photographic Schedules of Condition can be prepared for either residential or commercial buildings.

PSoCs create a record of the condition of the property on a particular date that can be used as a benchmark against which its condition can be assessed in the future and any changes identified.

Schedules of condition may be prepared under the instruction of a landlord, a tenant, an employer, a contractor, or a neighbour.

Taking advantage of newly designed functionality the GoReport PSoC makes it easier than ever to take a photo, describe what you see about it and trust than when you finish on-site.

The details drop automatically into a beautifully branded output that includes your standard T&Cs, any static survey guidance, an overall reflection of about the property and all of the photos sized properly, framed, catalogued and presented exactly as you would like.

There is even an ability to set a switch choosing between 1, 2 or 4 photos per page that intelligently will flip automatically from portrait to landscape. Point, click, talk, press a button, approve and publish.  Easier than ever! And for the first time, as this report does not require any elemental or data selections, simply click and talk and move, this is the very first integrated solution that works completely off of site based input from an iPhone. Happy Days!




A Party Wall

A Party Wall Survey is typically or should be done when work desired or required to modify a property may adversely affect other relating properties.

The GoReport Party Wall solution leverages all of the functionality of the new generation SoC software (see above) allowing a surveyor to perform all of the onsite structural data capture and analysis.

The details collected are then organised and presented in a variety of ways to facilitate the dialogue, discussions, negotiations and outcomes throughout the process.


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