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How GoReport helped transform Morgan Sloane

How GoReport helped transform Morgan Sloane

Morgan Sloane is a small, independent surveying practice that acts exclusively for freeholders. It specialises in lease extensions, freehold enfranchisements, re-instatement cost assessments, alteration inspections, telecoms consultancy, identifying potential untapped value in properties and forfeiture inspections.  

Owner and RICS registered valuer, Paul Holford spoke to us recently about the positive impact GoReport has had on his business.

“When I first saw GoReport at a conference I could tell immediately it could become a valuable data capture tool – but only if it could be tweaked to fit with my current surveying processes. Luckily for me, the software team at GoReport were more than happy to adapt the solution based on my requirements. To be honest it was more of a ‘build from scratch’ effort than subtle refinements, but GoReport were more than happy to tailor it to my specific needs. Since then I haven’t looked back.

I use it primarily to expand and organise the data captured on-site, specifically using it to collate photos directly into the appropriate project file. There’s no downloading and manual allocation required as the pictures are sent directly to the appropriate folder. This saves me and my secretary endless hours of hassle, as a lot of the properties I see are virtually identical, so it could be tricky to remember which shot was from which place. There’s now no need to worry. GoReport does all that for me.

But more than simply organising my site pictures, GoReport also adds layers of value to every survey I do. Consistent, comprehensive notes are just a few clicks away, while automated prompts mean I never forget to gather all the information I need before heading back to the office.

And it’s really easy to use. With just a few hours familiarisation and some light training from the GoReport team I was up and running. It’s really intuitive.

If I had to list the five biggest benefits GoReport brings to my business they would be:

1. Photo filing into the correct folder relating the right property is a huge time and sanity saver.

2. Saves a bundle of time on admin – everything is saved as I go along, so when I get back to the office it’s just a matter of downloading the files from the cloud server, giving them a final sense-check and saving them ready to write the report.

3. It lets me import picture files created in different software apps. For example, the floor plans that I sketch can be included in the GoReport document by simply importing them as jpegs or pdfs.

4. There’s no need to export photos or type up notes as everything is already filed and formatted correctly, straight from site. My secretary can simply log in to the web-based GoReport platform and have the site notes ready and waiting before I get back to base.

5. A big plus for me was being able to tailor the menus in the app so that they related specifically to my business. And if I need a refinement or new menu item added, one call to GoReport and it’s usually sorted within the hour. It’s brilliant customer service.

It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that GoReport has had a massive positive impact on my business. I now don’t take camera, paper or pen on site (although I do use an Apple Pencil with my iPad!). Go Report replaces all of that, as well as saving me an incredible amount of time by eradicating the mountain of admin we used to have to complete. It adds value by allowing me to capture and include much more content, while also ensuring I don’t miss any crucial areas. It’s a bit of a revolution, to be honest. I don’t know how we managed without it for all these years!”

Paul Holford, Morgan Sloane, June 2017

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