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Harnessing the power of new dictation technology

Technology has always been used by people to make work easier or more productive. In today’s world, however, it has become a crucial partner that gives organisations the opportunity to not just do things better but to tackle entirely new business challenges. Ground breaking advances in areas such as speech recognition and automated voice to text have made it made it much easier for humans to interact naturally with technology and machines.

The benefits can be seen across many industries and the medical sector is just one example of a profession that is using new dictation technology to support more efficient working and enhance patient treatment and care. Automated voice to text technology is being used to capture patient notes more effectively and has now progressed to be capable of dealing with highly complex subject matters. At GoReport we have harnessed the power of this same technology within our products and introduced it to the property and built environment sectors, revolutionising the entire surveying and reporting process.

GoReport has taken the surveying and reporting process to a whole new level with the launch of our innovative dictation feature. Surveyors are now able to speak their way through on-site surveys using a blue tooth headset connected to an iPad. There isn’t a requirement for an internet connection as the dictation feature allows for offline working. Once the surveyor connects to the internet, their dictated notes will automatically be uploaded to the cloud, transcribed and inserted into the relevant sections of their report under the appropriate headings. Using a pen, paper, a Dictaphone and sending recordings off to be transcribed is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as more surveyors embrace this new technology and enjoy the many benefits it brings.

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