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ByrneLooby introduce technology as demands for surveying surges

Award winning ByrneLooby implemented a surveying software solution as a direct result of an increase in demand for their surveying services. We spoke with Richard Thiemann, Director at ByrneLooby to find out what was the driving force was behind the move to introduce GoReport.

Providing industry leading solutions for complex construction projects across Europe and the Middle East, ByrneLooby prides itself on providing professional and expert insight across the fields of geotechnical, civil, structural, water, energy, and marine engineering. Based in Guildford, Richard Thiemann’s team is no different as they deliver structural design services for UK projects and provide structural support to the geotechnical teams in the UK and overseas.  

For previous condition surveys, the team had produced reports manually, which meant going out with a camera and taking lots of photographs before returning to the office to begin the unenviable task of matching the photograph with the notes and writing up the report that evening. 

The Migration From Manual Surveying To A Technological Solution

Richard Thiemann, who oversees permanent and temporary works solutions for complex major structural engineering projects, said “An enquiry about potentially surveying over 50 buildings, which would have further increased our workload, prompted us to look at new technology solutions developed for our industry.  We looked at several options on the market and spoke with a few companies, but we felt GoReport was the most suitable for ByrneLooby”.

The company required a smart technology solution that would allow them to deliver timely and clearly presented practical reports to their customers, thus creating real and lasting value for their clients. However, when GoReport initially visited their office, there were some obvious and rational concerns.  Mike Llewellyn, GoReport CEO recalls “having looked at some other offerings available, there was some apprehension as to whether the software necessary actually existed to meet their needs and if in fact the time was right to begin introducing a technology solution. After that meeting ByrneLooby were convinced they could, with a little work, introduce survey software that would one hundred percent enhance their offerings. The solution would be made up of their phrase library and their defects list. In essence the software would speak their language and would represent their brand”.

Reason For Choosing GoReport Surveying Software

Richard Thiemann further explains the reasons behind choosing GoReport; “Initially we were impressed with the speed and quality of response from the team at GoReport. Feedback was fast, they explained what could be achieved and could come to us and support us through the process. Their customer service stood above everyone else. The entire system is simple to use and quick to set up.  Additionally, is it good value for money, with no major capital outlay required to get started and the equipment is easy to buy”. 

When asked about challenges involved in implementation and use, Richard said “We had to spend time deciding and compiling dropdown lists, reviewing these and making amendments. This was our team going through the learning process, but once completed it had many advantages for us”.  When asked about his first survey, which is normally the most difficult, Richard felt that the survey went without a hitch saying “from day one effectively, we found GoReport very easy to use”.

What Improvements GoReport Surveying Software Made to ByrneLooby

Speaking about the improvements the introduction of technology has brought to BryneLooby Richard said that there are several major positives for his team “GoReport is a more efficient way of carrying out reports, the time saved in collating reports at the end of the day is huge. Previously if we had lots of photographs to go into a report it could take a long time and they all had to be labelled and referenced, GoReport does that automatically.  Another advantage is the consistency of the reports. Once you have a good layout established, you can send lots of different surveyors out and the reports they produce all look the same.  Naturally this meets the demands of our clients and leads to more survey work”.

The Guildford team is clearly one of ByrneLooby’s strengths. Investing in its’ people is one of the three pillars the company use to differentiate their service offerings, the others being a commitment to clients and technical excellence.  GoReport will continue to support Richard and his team on their journey and together we will strive to provide excellence and add value for their customers. Richard concluded “We are very happy with the service we have received from the GoReport team.  They are very responsive and we are delighted we have started to use the technology and are chasing a lot more survey work because of it”.

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