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Lantern Building Consultancy Success Using Interactive Dashboards in a Large Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Assessment


Lantern Building Consultancy, a leading company of chartered building surveyors based in Newcastle upon Tyne, is committed to providing honest, straightforward, and thoroughly considered advice. With a broad range of expertise and experience in commercial property surveying, their team specialises in technical defect analysis, building refurbishments, dilapidations, party wall matters, thermal property assessments, insurance claims, and housing disrepair claims.


Lantern Building Consultancy




Under the management of Director Alex Carter, Lantern has recently enhanced their services by incorporating GoReport’s innovative digital data capture, reporting, and analysis solutions. Alex’s decision to choose GoReport was influenced by his previous experience as part of Carter Drones Surveyors, where he recognised the transformative impact of advanced technology in surveying. “Operating drones for many years I am more than aware how crucial digital solutions are in surveying,” Alex explains. “GoReport promised not just data capture, but advanced reporting and analysis using Power BI, which is exactly what we needed to delivery our clients requirements in an accessible and user friendly format.”

Implementing GoReport was a smooth process, thanks to the thorough support provided by their team. “The GoReport team was phenomenal,” Alex recounts. “They guided us through every step, ensuring we faced no significant challenges. Their support made the transition effortless and their commitment to our success is evident in every interaction.”

Using GoReport, Lantern has experienced significant improvements in their surveying processes. Alex highlights several features that have been particularly beneficial. “The interactive dashboard is a game-changer,” he says. “It allows us to present our findings in a way that’s both visually appealing and highly informative. Clients love the clarity and detail.” Since adopting GoReport, Lantern Building Consultancy has seen tangible results. “Our data accuracy has improved dramatically, and we’ve saved countless hours on reporting,” Alex notes.

What sets GoReport apart from other solutions on the market is its comprehensive and user-friendly approach. “GoReport isn’t just a tool; it’s a complete solution,” Alex emphasises.

Reflecting on his overall satisfaction, Alex is enthusiastic about the future with GoReport. “We are extremely pleased with the outcomes we’ve achieved,” he says. “GoReport has not only enhanced our service delivery but has also opened up new opportunities for us. We look forward to continuing this partnership and exploring even more ways to add value for our clients.”

Lantern Building Consultancy’s journey with GoReport highlights the profound impact of innovative digital solutions in the surveying industry, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

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