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Dublin Fire Brigade invests in improved fire safety reporting


The Dublin Fire Brigade responds to fire, flooding, road accidents, chemical incidents and other hazards across Dublin city and beyond, serving Fingal, South Dublin and Dún Laoghaire. It also issues Fire Safety Licences to builders and developers and licences to public events as well as training businesses in fire safety and first aid.


Dublin Fire Brigade



We have found GoReport very easy to introduce and use and the software helps us generate fast and accurate reports quickly. By switching to digital reporting we will able to cut the amount of time our inspectors spend writing reports so that they can dedicate more of their day to being in front of businesses promoting fire safety and prevention.

Richard Hedderman, Assistant Fire Chief


As part of the brigade’s ongoing commitment to improving the standard and efficiency of its fire inspection report services, the Fire Prevention Unit has adopted a fully digital approach which has been operating successfully for the past three years.

The GoReport system makes it easy for report templates to be adapted to suit the requirements of different building types and uses.

Bespoke questions and phrases can be added to reports so that they suit the Fire Prevention Unit purposes exactly.

Customer Need

When digital reporting was introduced, the main priority was to find a solution that would save valuable time on site without compromising on safety.

The Fire Prevention department carries out fire inspections of commercial buildings all over Dublin and much of the data was being entered into different systems multiple times before a report was completed.

By using GoReport, the Fire Prevention Unit within Dublin Fire Brigade have been able to save admin time by putting data straight into the system on site using mobile devices and digital reporting technology. This also reduces the risk of data input errors further down the line.

The software allows for sketching and digital note taking so that nothing is missed. Within each selected field the solution allows voice recorded notes to appear as text on the screen and photographs are automatically tagged to appear in that same selected section, along with being able to add captions and annotation on each image.

Accuracy is obviously hugely important when advising commercial property owners and tenants on public safety. GoReport’s software automatically prompts fire brigade personnel on legislative and compliance issues so that everything is covered.

Measurable Outcome

Dublin Fire Brigade recognised that by choosing a flexible and easy to use digital solution, its fire safety experts within the Fire Prevention Unit could spend more time actively surveying properties and less time writing up notes in the office.

With personnel within the unit now using the same online systems and processes, the inspection reports are consistent in style and quality and are designed to be easy for businesses to understand and act on.

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